2018: a successful year of Haiphong in FDI attraction


2018: a successful year of Haiphong in FDI attraction

2018 is a successful year ofHaiphongin both foreign and local investment attraction. The city has been assessed as the country’s highlight in investment attraction, received great care from the central government and a favorite destination of the world’s leading groups.

In 2018, Haiphong had 104 new projects with the total investment value of USD 645 million, tripled the investment value in 2017. 45 projects, mainly in the fields of industries, processing and manufacturing, increased investment worth USD 1.85 billion. These figures show foreign investors’ confidence and great expectation for their investment projects in Haiphong.

Formerly, investments mainly poured into industries, now, capital is flowing to other fields such as commerce and services. FDI capital is being disbursed promptly. In 2019, with the operation of new investment projects, the city’s economic scale will be boosted to a new height, create jobs and make great contribution to promoting economic growth./